Så använder du film för att bygga varumärkeskännedom

Storytelling för att bygga varumärket

Storytelling för att bygga varumärket är ett av de effektivaste sätten att nå ut med sitt budskap. Det går alltid att hitta en bra story. Det gäller bara att veta hur man ska göra. 

Stockholm Hockey Cup är en ungdomsturnering i ishockey. När deras senaste kommersiella samarbete presenteras – med byggvaruhuskedjan Fredells – ville Stockholm Hockey Cup kommunicera med film i sociala medier. Deras kommersiella partner Sportivity utvecklade ett koncept med en flashmob under en period i en Pojkar 13-match. Sportivity kontaktade Brama för att göra produktionen. Under de första dygnet hade filmen över 50.000 tittare på YouTube.

Storytelling för att bygga varumärket – så gör man

Stockholm Hockey Cup is a youth hockey tournament in Stockholm, Sweden. To announce their latest sponsor – the hardware chain s – the Stockholm Hockey Federation wanted to communicate with film and in social media.

Their commercial partner developed the concept with a flashmob during a hockey game and approached Brama Content & Film to produce a film about it.

The film was shot on 22 January 2016 in the Stockholm suburban Trångsund. In the first 24 hours the film had over 50.000 views.

Storytelling för att bygga varumärket – lärdomar

Pre-production for the film started in mid-november when Thomas Lindfors at Sportivity contacted Mattias Brannholm at Brama Content and Film. An initial meeting where the concept was presented followed shortly with a new meeting where the primary venue was selected. The space in the arena was limited and it was early established that the flashmob needed to be transported by bus to the arena during the first period.

Just before Christmas the date and teams were set. The key to success was the element of surprise among the kids. In order to limit the risk of the teams knowing, no more than ten people had knowledge of the whole project.

About a week prior to shooting the chairmen of the home team was informed and green-lighted the project. The coaches of each team was informed as late as the night before the game. As were the referees. However, the were only told that we would shot an informational film about the Hockey Cup. It was only with less than an hour to the game the coaches and referee was let in on the whole concept.

At that time the flashmob has already gathered. Two cameras followed the preparations of the flashmob. One camera followed the players arriving, warming up and the first period (under the pretence it was shooting the informational). Two cameras were kept in hiding during the first period.

As the film was shot during a live game there were no chances for retakes. The key moment in the film is the surprise of the players when the come back on the ice for the second period and sees the flashmob for the first time. To secure sufficient coverage at this moment, the film was shot with five cameras; two Sony FS 7:s, one Sony A7Sii, one Canon C100 with a Atomos Ninja recorder and a GoPro Hero 4.

One camera followed the team from the locker room (Mini), one camera meet the team when they came out from the looker room (Viveka/Mattias), one camera was shooting the flashmob and the teams entering the ice from the opposite side (Andreas) and one camera was in the stand shooting a point of view with the flash mob (Roy).

After the moment of surprise, we rapidly rigged the commentator camera and audio recording. In order not to interfere with the game, the commentating was not broadcasted in the arena, but only recorded for post-production.

The production lasted for two hours.

The post production was handled by Viveka Sjolund of Brama. It was a total of five days in post production including approvals from the client.

When the film was released on the Facebook-page of the Stockholm Hockey Federation it scored over 50.000 organic views in the first 24 hours.


Producer/director: Mattias Brannholm

Photographers: Mini Gemoll, Roy Rosovich, Andreas Alfredsson and Viveka Sjolund.

Edited on Premiere Pro by Viveka Sjolund and Mattias Brannholm.

Graded in Adobe Speedgrade.

Music from Epidemicsound.com

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